How to get white underarms using baking soda

You might have heard that baking soda is the answer to a number of problems, from whitening your teeth, to cleaning the household. Another use for this great product has yet been found: it lightens your dark underarms. Perhaps you haven’t thought that your skin can be turned into a lighter color, but there is actually more than one way of doing it.

Here are several methods which involve baking soda.

Scrubbing – apply baking soda with water on your underarm region on a daily basis. It really helps eliminating dead skin cells (which cause pigmentation)

Mixing it with rose water – apply the paste on the armpit and let it dry, then wash it off with plenty of water. It also has a perfumed smell that will deodorize your underarm region in addition to lightening it.

Combining it with lemon juice – the lemon’s citric acid works like a bleach not only on your eyebrows (to reduce color after dye) but also on your skin. Apply it repeatedly and enjoy the changes!

Mixing it with turmeric, lemon juice and gram flour – apply the creamy solution on your armpit and let it dry for a while before washing it off with cold water. This process makes your skin lighter and it also eradicates bacteria.

Combining it with white vinegar – this process is commonly used when baking, to dissolve the baking soda, but what not many people know is that the paste formed also lightens the skin. Apply it abundantly and then wash the region with cold water

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